Solar Systems Costs:

The systems that SUNation installs are custom-configured to each homeowner’s needs.   This maximizes both the energy produced and the monthly energy savings.  It also minimizes the total system costs, monthly investment and space requirements.

Return on Investment

For those homeowners who have the available upfront investment capital, a SUNation solar system will provide a risk-free return on investment that can approach up to 33% TAX FREE. As the cost of energy escalates over the years, your return on investment grows. The equity value of your home increases to double your initial investment. With proven state-of-the-art technology your risk is minimal. What is the risk of the sun coming out tomorrow?

There are many ways to finance a PV (Photovoltaic) system:

  • Long-Term Mortgage Loan (primary mortgage, second mortgage, home equity loan)
  • We offer low interest and no interest financing programs

In the process of purchasing a home? Ask about how you can qualify for up to $8,000 for FHA money for the installation of a solar system.


Designing the right system starts with the output requirements and then involves a little art and a little science to strike the right balance between optimum generating capability and aesthetics. SUNation designs your system to fit your budget, your space requirements and your annual electrical consumption using the most efficient solar panels available.  This means that your SUNation system generates the most amount of electricity in the least amount of space. The average system requires between 400 and 600 square feet of clean roof area or about 100 square feet per 1000 watts. Of course, the size of your SUNation system will depend on your specific needs, roof configuration and recommended equipment.

Pricing Example

Solar System 8700 Watt Capacity
(30 x 290 watt modules)

Price varies with equipment selection and size of system - your actual costs will differ from what's below. This is just an example.

Total Retail Price $32,309
NY State Tax Credit
(25% of net cost max. $5,000)
Federal Tax Credit
(30% of net)
Total Investment $18,909
Est. Electrical Production/yr $2,375***
Est. Increased Value of Property $47,500
Simple "TAX FREE"
Return On Investment
Simple Payback 6.1 years
Projected Lifetime Savings $106,875*


*Based on a 3% annual escalation rate.

**NY State Tax Credit can be carried over multiple years if needed.

***Estimated savings based on PSEG Clean Power Estimator.